Showa Aircraft Industry was established in 1937, and we had had a grand romance of manufacturing the latest aircrafts at that time.

We have manufactured more than 800 of Douglas DC-3 transport aircraft.

Our honeycomb cores and honeycomb sandwich panels are used for satellites and rockets. We have 50 years of manufacturing experience in honeycomb related products, and we will continue to respond to our customers’ space development progresses.

Honeycomb cores and sandwich panels have features of lightweight and high strength, and they are widely used in aircraft parts such as floorboards, interior, and wings.
We ensure that we can provide high quality with cost-effective.

Our product is also evaluated from Radio Astronomy Field.
Because Radio Telescope requires materials which have not only lightweight and strength but also “Mirror Accuracy”. Also cores and sandwich panels will not be affected by ambient temperature.


We have over 80 years history of manufacturing aircraft.

Based on our knowledge and experience, we have own production methods of lightweight alloys. We are known around the world as a manufacturer and seller that represent Japan due to our research and development such as "honeycomb".

Honeycomb Core

Honeycomb Panel

Engineered Parts

Our products are certified by Nadcap and AS, and we are awarded by our customers as a trusted company every year.

We have own automation processes of design, procurement, manufacture and shipping, and we can provide cost-effective.

We are the only honeycomb manufacturer in Asia. We are capable small lot with short delivery time, and we can ship to global.

We do all processes by ourselves of Manufacturing, Processing, Assembly, Testing and Analysis, we can also support planning and implementation.



  • NADCAP Non-Destructive Testing

  • NADCAP Composites

  • JIS Q 9100:2016 (AS9100)

  • JIS Q 9001:2015