Showa Aircraft Industry also manufactures engineered parts for any needs, in addition to our honeycomb cores and honeycomb panels.

We are fully equipped with CCA which is Class 400,000 less, and it is used for aircraft parts.
These are very stable and precise products manufactured with large autoclaves and 5-axis machining centers.

We support integrated productions from the production of honeycomb core to the assembly of machine parts, and we respond to various needs.


Honeycomb Core


Showa Aircraft Industry offers a wide range of special processing of metallic and non-metallic honeycomb cores for aerospace and other applications.
We are able to manufacture a complex processing such as heat forming, three-dimensional processing and splicing with different density. 


1) Aluminum/Aramid Honeycomb Core with 3D-NC processing
2) Aluminum/Aramid Honeycomb Core with splices and septum
3) Aluminum/Aramid Honeycomb Core with heat forming (thermoforming)
4) Aluminum/Aramid Honeycomb Core with Filling potting

Honeycomb Panel


Honeycomb Panel has a great feature of lightweight and high strength, and it is used for Aircraft, Satellite, Parabolic Antenna, Building Materials and more.
It is also used for other purposes, such as walls, doors, floors, partitions, etc.
Honeycomb Panel has so many possibilities for any kind of use.


1) Lay-up of various materials
2) Drilling and trimming of various panels
3) Sealing
4) Painting



This is examples of a product that uses the above technologies.


1) Galley
We are supplying Galley as Tier 1 supplier to a major aircraft manufacturer.
We are capable of design development, manufacturing, and various tests based on the JIS Q 9100 (AS9100) quality management system.

2) Container with constant temperatures
Passive container that we have developed temperature control units for air cargo container which will not be affected by ambient temperature.

3) Barrier
We have provided barriers for automobile crash tests that satisfy criteria set by various countries’ regulations.
We are capable to provide barriers with custom-made shapes and strength.